Q4 Market Update 2020: The Year in Review for Pre-Owned Gulfstream Aircraft

SAVANNAH, GA., (January 12, 2021)- Hagerty Jet Group, announced today the latest edition of its Gulfstream Aircraft Quarterly Market Update- A quarterly digital publication designed to be a resource of market intelligence for Gulfstream owners, operators, and potential buyers to help them make objective decisions when engaging the pre-owned market.

“The Gulfstream Aircraft Quarterly Market Update continues to be an indispensable resource for current and potential owner/operators. By combining sophisticated analysis and expert commentary we have developed an essential resource for principals or Flight Department to utilize to gain clarity and truly understand the markets”. said Hagerty Jet Group Market Analyst Donna DeAngelis

For more information and to subscribe and download the Gulfstream Aircraft Quarterly Market Update please visit www.hagertyjetgroup.com