Expertise to Decide

Every decision to buy or sell a business aircraft must confront two realities: business aircraft are complex assets and trade in specialized markets.

At Hagerty Jet Group, we manage these realities with a focused expertise in business jet sales and acquisitions. Our clients benefit from specialized research and authoritative analysis to make objective decisions with confidence. Learn how we do analysis differently.

Hagerty Jet Group is continuously immersed in our specialty. Well before a client makes the decision to buy or sell, we’ve already done the preparation. Our expert market intelligence is without gaps and always current. This gives our clients the ability to immediately engage.

Expertise to Buy

When we buy an aircraft, our process relies heavily on active expert guidance.

Each step of an acquisition project has separate concerns requiring specialized knowledge and management skills. As with selling, expert research and market analysis is central to good decision making. Unlike selling, buying an aircraft involves a progressive process-of-elimination: beginning with general comparisons and technical evaluations to detailed record audits, maintenance inspections and post-closing customization.  Learn more on how we manage the buying process. When the process is complete, our clients have confidence they are buying the right aircraft at the right price.

Expertise to Sell

Developing a marketing strategy that will engage the market aggressively and with confidence is how we sell aircraft.

Our exposure reaches buyers worldwide through traditional channels and our network of close relationships we’ve built around the world among owners, operators, lenders, lawyers, brokers and agents.  Our marketing materials reflect a quality our clients expect.  Learn more about why our marketing works.

Clients are routinely informed about their marketing campaign with bi-weekly or monthly activity reports and kept fully apprised of market changes.

Expertise to Consult

Experience teaches us many transactions follow a pattern, but few follow a script.

No pre-owned aircraft transaction escapes problems.

In addition to buying and selling business aircraft, Hagerty Jet Group provides the following services directly or subcontract with our industry partners:

  • Interior  Design
  • Contract Maintenance
  • Aircraft Completion Oversight
  • Aircraft Evaluation Services
  • Expert Testimony
  • Flight Department Oversight
  • Pilot Services