Specialized by Design

In founding Hagerty Jet Group, we set out to build an independent firm that excelled beyond the traditional aircraft brokerage.

Our founder’s early experience working for Gulfstream Pre-owned Aircraft Sales taught us the value of specialization. We realized the most efficient way to service our clients was to narrow our focus and become the expert on specific aircraft and specific markets. As aircraft and markets become more complex, specialization and expertise are more important today than ever before.

Make Better Decisions with Objective Analysis

By specializing in Gulfstream, Bombardier, Dassault, Embraer, Beechcraft and Cessna aircraft, we understand exactly what affects value and desirability.

We go deeper than our competition to create an analysis that forms a clear objective basis to give our clients superior information to make the most informed decisions. Age, Total Time, Cycles, Inspection intervals, engine status, avionics, airframe upgrades and ASC compliance are just the obvious “value-points” we take into consideration.  Our aircraft analysis tracks specific “value-points” essential to each aircraft model.

Better Sales Results with Distinctive Marketing

We believe distinctive marketing sells pre-owned aircraft.

Beyond the general performance characteristics, every pre-owned aircraft is unique. We know how to highlight and distinguish our clients’ aircraft in the market.  We believe that more information is not always the best information but the right information is what sets your airplane apart.

  • Detailed Spec Sheets
  • Professional Photography
  • Video Production
  • Video Reality Floorplans
  • Print and Digital Advertising
  • Market Status Reports
  • Internet and Direct Marketing

Managing the Buying Process

We work beyond the typical brokerage role of finding aircraft and introducing buyers and sellers.

Hagerty Jet Group clients benefit from our experience, expertise and organizational skills throughout the aircraft buying process.  From planning complex schedules to sourcing key services and expert people, we coordinate each step of the transaction to ensure a seamless and positive experience.

Cross Border Transactions

Buying and selling opportunities can happen quickly in all parts of the world.

International clients and Cross-Border transactions are a large part of our expertise. We’ve matched buyers and sellers across many countries with some transactions occurring completely outside the United States. Clients engaged with Hagerty Jet Group have confidence that we are prepared for the added complexity inherent with cross-border transactions.

Hagerty Jet Group has the confidence to engage qualified international buyers.  Many brokers dismiss the potential of difficult international deals because they don’t understand the intricacies of cross-border transactions.  Many cross-border transactions can quickly become clouded by technical import and export compliance, complex legal and registry processes and tax and finance decisions. Our far- reaching cross-border expertise gives our clients confidence  to manage the complex steps and tools to ease the burden. See our Cross-Border transactions.

Hagerty Jet Group has the experience to engage qualified international buyers.

Our far- reaching cross-border expertise gives our clients confidence to manage the complex steps and tools to ease the burden.

October 2018 – Australia > USA – Learjet 60
May 2018 – Canada > USA – Falcon 2000
December 2017 – Mexico > USA – Gulfstream G450
October 2017 – 
Australia > USA – King Air 350
May 2017 –
UK > Canada – CL300
December 2016 – Canada > USA – Citation Excel
September 2016 – USA > Canada – Falcon 2000
August 2015 – Australia > USA – Gulfstream IVSP
June 2015 – Ireland > USA – Gulfstream G550
November 2014
– Cayman Islands > Pakistan – Gulfstream G450
August 2014 – Germany > USA – Bombardier Challenger 300
April 2013 – USA > Congo – Gulfstream GIV
October 2011 – USA > Bahamas – Gulfstream G500
October 2009 – Switzerland > USA – Bombardier Global Express
October 2009 – USA > Abu Dhabi – Gulfstream G450
August 2009 – USA > Hong Kong – Gulfstream G550
May 2009 – USA > USA – Gulfstream G550
March 2009 – USA > Chad – Gulfstream III
December 2008 – USA > Mexico – Gulfstream GIV-SP
October 2007 – Japan > Venezuela – Gulfstream GV
October 2007 – USA > Japan – Gulfstream GV
May 2007 – USA > Switzerland – Gulfstream GIV-SP
April 2007 – USA > China – Gulfstream G200